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Past and present Executive Board members of Region DDR

Executive Board members 1969 - 1990

YearChairmandeputy ChairmanSecretaryTreasurer
1969E.WeberK. BellmannG. EnderleinW.Oehmisch
1971J.-H. ScharfJ. AdamW. Oehmisch
1973J. AdamD. RaschS. Schmerling
1974D. RaschG. EnderleinG. Enderlein
1976G. EnderleinD. RaschE. ThomasE. Thomas
1979H. AhrensK. KrieghoffE. Thomas
1981G. EnderleinR. TrommerH. EnkeE. Thomas
1984H. AhrensG. EnderleinH. EnkeE. Thomas
1987H. EnkeG. EnderleinK.-D. WerneckeE. Thomas
1990K.-D. WerneckeG. EnderleinJ. HaertingE. Thomas

As access to IBS was bounded, many biometricians of the GDR joined the Section Biomathematics of the Society for physical and mathematical Biology (GpmB).


Past Executive Board members of  Section Biomathematics of GpmB

Executive Board members 1972-1990

YearChairdeputy ChairSecretary
1972J. AdamD. RaschW. Reiher
1974D. RaschG. EnderleinW. Reiher
1976D. RaschH. DörfelJ. Bock
1978D. RaschG. EnderleinJ. Bock
1981G. EnderleinR. TrommerJ. Bock
1983D. RaschH. WillerJ. Bock
1986D. RaschH. WillerJ. Toewe
1988D. RaschH. WillerJ. Toewe

Chairmen of the whole Society were E. Geißler (1972 - 76), J. Adam (1976 - 81) and R. Glaser (1981 - 90)

Past IBS-DR executive board members