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Electronic newsletters are published on a regular basis. Please note that they are only available in German.

Information on how to submit your job offer


1. Contact:
Please submit your job offer to PD Dr. Rene Schmidt ( digitally.

2. File format:
Please submit your files as PDF or PostScript file (EPS or PS featuring integrated fonts). We also accept Word documents (Windows PC). Please do not submit any data media, such as disks, ZIP-disks, CD ROM, cartridges, or MO disks!

3. Page size: DIN A4.

4. In addition, please send us the following information separately:

  • job description
  • company name/institution
  • location

All job offers are listed as PDF files at the websites of the Biometric Society including a reference number, the information mentioned above (job title, company/institution, location) and the publication date.

Job offers will be automatically deleted
(i) 1 month following the deadline of application as indicated in the job offer or
(ii) 3 months after publishing if no application deadline is indicated.

We reserve the right to publish the job advertisements published via the IBS-DR homepage in the printed circulars of the company published twice a year, if applicable.


The placement of job offers is free for all university departments, as well as for companies in the pharmaceutical industry and CROs that have financially supported the German Region of the International Biometric Society during the current calendar year. Otherwise, the service is provided for a fee of € 250. This represents an annual fee, i.e. you will still pay only € 250 if you publish several job offers within one calendar year (January 1 until December 31). The liability to pay costs is basically oriented at the company or institution which offers a job. I.e., for job offers that are liable to pay costs (e.g. job offers placed by agencies) the annual fee will be taken for each client of the agency, from whom at least one job offer was published.

For companies of the pharmaceutical industry, this fee includes the extra service of publishing the job offer via the mailing list of the Working Group Pharmazeutische Forschung der Biometrischen Gesellschaft/Pharmaceutical Research of the Biometric Society. This mailing list includes approx. 300 biometricians working in the pharmaceutical industry, and thus the ideal target audience for a respective job advertisement. Please let us know whether you wish such a distribution.