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Awarding guidelines for the Bernd Streitberg Award

  1. The Bernd Streitberg Award was initiated in order to award outstanding biometric qualification papers/works published by applicants who do not hold a doctoral The submitted thesis should be a passed final thesis, such as a bachelor thesis, a master thesis or a similar paper. At October 31 of the year of application, the respective paper shall not be older than 18 months. The essential evaluation criterion shall be the excellent scientific nature of the biometric work to be awarded. The emphasis is on scientific integrity and transparency of the approach. Further scientific achievements of the applicant shall be secondary aspects to be considered. Prize winners are excluded from reapplying. A second application with the same work is also excluded.
  2. Works that focus on the following are especially welcome: (i) Works developing new biometric methods motivated by a biometric problem. (ii) Works developing new biometric methods motivated by a specific biologic problem and illustrating the application. (iii) Works applying existing biometric methods in ingenious and innovative ways to a biologic problem; especially when the biometric methods have not been applied to the problem before. (iv) Works developing software that implements important biometric procedures and illustrating the application to relevant biological examples. A specific biological application of the biometric methods considered shall play a central role in all foci (ii) to (iv). Especially welcome are works that arose from close cooperation with scientists from a pertinent biological field of application of biometric methods (medicine, forestry, agronomy, ecology, genetics, life sciences in the broadest of senses).
  3. The applicants shall submit the respective paper/work as well as a short information of their scientific career as PDF file by e-mail. The e-mail answer sent by the President shall exclusively represent the receive confirmation of the application.
  4. The invitation to apply for the Bernd Streitberg Award shall be published in the summer newsletter of the German Region of the International Biometric Society, in an electronic newsletter of the Society within September as well as on the websites of the Society.
  5. All applications submitted to the President by October 31 of the previous year shall be forwarded to the other committee members for a professional review in order to screen the applications for compliance with formal requirements, including the percentage of biometric aspects involved.
  6. The committee shall decide on which paper/work will be short-listed. These shall be subject to a minimum of one anonymous external expert report. Following the evaluation, the committee shall decide from a biometric perspective on which of the submitted papers/works are to be considered as highly qualifying for the Award. Based on this vote, the Advisory Board shall decide by the majority on which applicant will be invited as laureate. In general, up to three papers/works will be awarded. All applicants shall be informed on the intended award by February 15 of the respective year. At the same time, the designated laureates shall be informed about the lecture date.
  7. Any recourse to courts of law shall be excluded.
  8. The award ceremony (certificate, prize money amounting to € 300), which is led by the President, shall take place at the general meeting during the chronologically successive Biometric Colloquium. Prior to the ceremony, the laureate shall give a lecture about the essential findings without following discussions within the framework of the plenary session "Nachwuchsförderpreise Biometrie 20xx" (young talent awards biometrics 20xx). The IBS-DR shall reimburse the conference fee (incl. participation in the conference dinner) as well as travel expenses including accommodation for two nights.
  9. Each laureate shall be invited to publish his/her awarded work in the journal of the German Region "Biometrical Journal", taking into account the respective intentions of the journal. The laureates and the titles of the awarded work will be referred to in the annual reports and on the websites of the Society. All documents of the laureates and the awarding committee will be stored in the archives.