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In their position as society members, the members of the German Region of the International Biometric Society perform tasks in various bodies, which also comprise members of other societies.

These are the current IBS-DR delegates:

IBS Executive Board
   Pigeot, Bremen, 2021-2024

IBS Representative Council
   Faldum, Münster, 2021-2025
   Friede, Göttingen, 2021-2023
   Ickstadt, Dortmund, 2015-2023
   Kieser, Heidelberg, 2017-2025

IBS Committee on Communication
   Roll, Berlin, 2016-2023 (Chair)

IBS Editorial Advisory Committee
   Piepho, Hohenheim, 2016-2023 (Chair)

IBS Education Committee
   Kopp-Schneider, Heidelberg, 2016-2023 (Chair)

IBS Budget and Finance Committee
   Knapp, Dortmund, 2020-2023

IBS Biometrical Bulletin Correspondent
   Vonthein, Lübeck

Commission Certificate Biometrics in Medicine (with GMDS)
      Medical Biometry
       Kieser, Heidelberg (Chair)
       Friede, Göttingen
       Knoerzer, Grenzach
       Schlattmann, Jena
       Unnebrink, Ludwigshafen
       Zapf, Hamburg
       Faldum, Münster
       Lange, Bochum
       Schlenk, Ulm
    Mathematical Statistics
       Boulesteix, München
       Brannath, Bremen
       Rahnenführer, Dortmund

Commission Certificate Epidemiology (with DGEpi, GMDS and DGSMP)
   Hoyer, Bielefeld
   Kuss, Düsseldorf

   Boulesteix, München
   Kopp-Schneider, Heidelberg

   Boulesteix, München
   Kopp-Schneider, Heidelberg

   Neuhäuser, Koblenz
   Jung, Hannover