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Workshop on Computational Models in Biology and Medicine 2024

The joint workshop of the GMDS/IBS-DR working groups "Mathematical Models in Medicine and Biology" and "Statistical Methods in Bioinformatics" will take place 

in Dresden on 6th and 7th June 2024

(start 6th June at 12 pm noon, end 7th June at 2 pm)


The workshop is funded by the "Deutsche Gesellschaft für Medizinische Informatik, Biometrie und Epidemiologie (GMDS)" and the "Deutsche Region der Internationalen Biometrischen Gesellschaft (IBS-DR)".

Workshop outline

This workshop intends to bring together researchers from different research areas such as systems biology, bioinformatics, and biostatistics, who are interested in modelling and analysis of biological systems or in the development of statistical methods with applications in biology and medicine.


The conference program is available as a PDF Download and the abstract book, including presentation and poster abstracts, is available here (The passwort will be provided at the conference site).


  • Models and AI in translational medicine
  • Integration of different data types into computational models
  • Genomics and proteomics
  • Single-cell data analysis

Keynote speakers

  • Anne-Christin Hauschild (University of Göttingen, Göttingen, Germany)
  • Kathrin Thedieck (University of Innsbruck, Innsbruck, Austria)
  • Carsten Marr (Helmholtz Zentrum München, München, Germany)


REGISTRATION CLOSED! If you are not registered yet but still want to participate, please reach out to the local organizers.

Workshop venue

The workshop takes place at the Center for Regenerative Therapies (CRTD), Fetscherstraße 105, 01307 Dresden.


The workshop is jointly organized by the GMDS/IBS working groups "Mathematical Models in Medicine and Biology" (speakers: Nicole Radde, University of Stuttgart; Ingmar Glauche, Technische Universität Dresden) and "Statistical Methods in Bioinformatics" (speakers: Michael Altenbuchinger, University Medical Center Göttingen; Tim, Kacprowski, Technical University of Braunschweig; Markus Wolfien, University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus, Dresden; Center for Scalable Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, Dresden/Leipzig).

Contact and local organization

Prof. Dr. Ingmar Glauche
Institute for Medical Informatics and Biometry

Dr.-Ing. Markus Wolfien
Institute for Medical Informatics and Biometry

Dorit Ludwig
Institute for Medical Informatics and Biometry

FYI - Additional back-to-back Co-Design Workshop on 5th June in Dresden: Visualization of Patient-Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) for the Molecular Tumor Board (Fully booked -Registration closed)

The main goal of the workshop is to develop first drafts of user-centered visualizations of PROMs based on the needs of the MTB. Participation is open to developers and members of MTBs, regardless of their previous experience with user-centered visualizations/user-centered design. After an introduction, participants receive all relevant information and are divided into interdisciplinary teams. Together, they create low-fidelity prototypes for the visualization of PROMs. The best designs will be selected and further developed. Finally, we cordially invite you to a dinner together to end the day in a relaxed atmosphere and make new contacts. Participation offers the opportunity to gather new ideas, expand your network and gain valuable learning experiences. The workshop language is German.

Date and Time of the Co-creation Workshop: 5th June

Location of the Co-creation Workshop: University Carl Gustav Carus, Blasewitzer Str. 82, 01307 Dresden

Detailed Co-creation Workshop Description: link