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Honorary members of Region DDR

Honorary members of IBS from Region DDR

1978Erna Weber1897 – 1988


As access to IBS was bounded, many biometricians of the GDR joined the Section Biomathematics of the Society for physical and mathematical Biology (GpmB).

Honorary members of GpmB

1970Fritz Lange1899 – 1987
1974Max Steenbeck
1974Gleb Michailowitsch Frank1904 –
1975Erna Weber1897 – 1988
1976Josef Tigyi
1977Hermann Ley
1982Robert Rompe
1982Alberte Pullmann
1982Bernard Pullmann
1983Werner Scheler
1986Johannes Adam
1989Günter Tembrock
1989Kurt Unger


Honorary members of German Region