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Honorary Members


Honorary Member of International Biometric Society out of the German Region

2014Lutz Edler
2018Martin Schumacher


List of all honorary members of the German Region of the International Biometric Society

1965Maria Pia Geppert1907 – 1997
1965Leopold Schmetterer1919 – 2004
1968Jo Hartung1908 – 1980
1968Siegfried Koller*1908 – 1998
1996Otto Ludwig1926 – 1998
1998Gustav Adolf Lienert1920 – 2001
2003Heinz Hochadel1932 – 2021
2006Hanns Klinger1926 – 2013
2007Jürgen Läuter
2007Siegfried Schach
2007Hanspeter Thöni
2008Joachim Röhmel
2011Edgar Brunner
2012Joachim Vollmar
2013Rolf Lorenz1930 - 2017
2014Martin Schumacher
2017Ludwig Hothorn



* At its general meeting in 1990, the IBS-DR dealt intensively with the history of Mr. Koller. It was decided that the general meeting would no longer consider Mr. Koller an honorary member. Further information can be found in the minutes of the 1990 general meeting and in the published statements.